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Est. 2014........

It all started way, way back in 2009.  One night while playing with barbecue sauce for our dinner, I decided to try to make my own barbecue sauce.  I can tell you honestly, that I never thought that night playing in the kitchen would lead to this!  Over the years, cooking for friends and family, one thing came up over and over again.  "You should sell this stuff"!  It took a few years, some refining, and more and more and more encouraging comments from a more and more diverse population (more than just my friends and family).  


One weekend, a friend of mine invited me to come out to a local rib competition and try using our Sweet Lil' Devil sauce there.  We won first place!  Our turn in box was #19.  Lucky 19 was born!    


2014 was a whirlwind year.  I asked my friend Eric Bartsch to help me with label designs.  I sent him the names and descriptions of the products.  We discussed a few concepts, and he promised to get back to me.  A couple of weeks later, I received an email from Eric.  Three images were attached.  "Let me know what you think"!  I think most of you will agree that he nailed it!  


In 2015,  Lucky 19 has hired some great help in our co-packing company Snappy Valley Foods.  Our first full production batch was received in April, 2015.  We'll be heading into a few stores as well as selling at events, farmers markets, street festivals and competitions.  Follow us on our Facebook page @Lucky 19 Sauce Company and you'll see where we'll be next.  Come out and say hi!  

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